Saladini Crescent Shaped Cheese and Pastry Knife with Buffalo Horn Handle
Saladini Crescent Shaped Cheese and Pastry Knife with Buffalo Horn Handle
Saladini Crescent Shaped Cheese and Pastry Knife with Buffalo Horn Handle

Saladini Crescent Shaped Cheese and Pastry Knife with Buffalo Horn Handle



  • Extraordinary uniquely Italian knife with a small, curved, crescent shaped 5 inch blade perfect for cutting cheese, pastries, and chocolate
  • Rich sculpted buffalo horn handle is strong and comfortable for ease and stability in use
  • Precision-forged and tempered AISI 420B Italian stainless steel blade for ultra sharp cut and durability
  • Made in Italy by Master Knifemakers of Scarperia using the best of traditional and modern techniques
  • A beautiful example of Italian lifestyle and elegance; lifetime manufacturer’s guarantee
  • Size: this knife measure 5 inches from tip to tip
  • Includes wooden storage box
  • Made in Italy

 Handcrafted in the world renowned Tuscan town of Scarperia, this unique Made in Italy Sellaio knife is an outstanding addition for both home and professional use. The Sellaio knife is the best selling of the Coltelleria Saladini knives in particular because of its originality and beautiful flowing crescent shaped blade. It provides stability, strength and precision while cutting foods such as cheese, pastries, chocolate and more. The Sellaio maintains sharpness and resistance to use and corrosion. The rich sculpted buffalo horn handle is very typical of high-end Italian cutlery and is used because of buffalo horn's resistance to moisture and its ability to retain its beauty over the years.

Centuries of tradition have been combined with passion, research and innovation by the Saladini knifemakers to create this modern day masterpiece. The graceful design of the sellaio knife is combined with unsurpassed quality of materials resulting in an exceptionally attractive knife and conversation piece to showcase in your home. Unlike many other knife producers today, the artisans at Saladini use a high carbon stainless steel which undergoes a complicated and expensive process of compacting, forging and tempering, resulting in a blade, bolster and tang with excellent hardness and durability. The blade is inserted into the solid handle with a hidden tang, creating a neat aesthetic line which also provides superior resistance to external elements unlike riveted knives. The luxurious sculpted buffalo hornhandle is ergonomically balanced for a perfect fit in the hand.

Saladini products are recognizable by the stamped hallmark engraved into the blade, a sign of authenticity which sets Saladini’s products apart. The uniqueness and outstanding quality of this knife make it a beautiful example of Italian lifestyle for your home. This beautiful Sellaio is perfect as a sentimental gift for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays or other special occasions, or as a beautiful memento for those who love Italian design or visiting the beautiful Tuscan countryside.