Senese, Regional Historical, Tecnocut Viper - The Italian Knife Maker


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"Senese" is Italian for "someone or something from Sienna, Tuscany". As such, this beautiful knife is the traditional knife carried by those living in the Tuscan countryside. The Senese embodies the subtle beauty that one associates with Tuscany while remaining a high performing knife produced with exacting precision by the team at Tecnocut Viper.

The designers at Tecnocut have stayed true to the traditional traits of the Senese such as the ramp along the spine of the knife, the beautiful curve of the knife body and the rounded handle end. The Senese uses Viper's patented action stopper mechanism and has a satin finish stainless steel blade and beautiful and distinctive fastening screws. This stunning traditional knife comes with a fine suede carrying pouch.

Note: This product is made of natural materials with colors which vary significantly with each knife, from cream colored and yellow tinted tones through brownish and gray black tones.. The knife you receive may have a different color than the photos


  • Length: open 7.96", blade 3.35"
  • Blade: satin finish, made of AISI 440 A stainless steel, HRC 55-57.
  • Handle: Polished ram's horn tip
  • Fasteners: Pivot and fastening screws, pins and spacers made of AISI 303/304 stainless steel.
  • Stop: Action-Stopper-System patented mechanism.
  • Package: fine suede pouch.