Professional Grade Artisan-made Italian Kitchen Knives

         The Advantages of Italian Artisan Cutlery
  • These beautiful kitchen knives combine outstanding functionality, forged tempered hand crafted blades of high carbon European steel, ergonomically sculpted handles, and a lifetime guarantee. And...inimitable Italian design. 
  • Blades: Forged and tempered at extreme temperatures to achieve a unique micro-structural stability for lasting optimal sharpness, durability and protection against use and corrosion. Forging is rare today even among high priced global brand knives. 
  • Handles: These may be the most comfortable handles on the market today. Beautiful olive wood, ox horn or buffalo horn handles, sculpted by hand with no rivets or joints that allow water and bacteria to penetrate. 
  • Blades and handles are formed of a single piece of steel with the "tang" inserted deep in the handle with no rivets or split wood handles. Professional chefs love single piece handles because they do not irritate hands and fingers during use. Solid handles do not allow water and bacteria found with riveted knives.
  • Guaranteed Quality: Made by family run companies following hundreds of years of tradition, and guaranteed for a lifetime. 
  • Chef knife, fillet knife, bread knife, meat carving sets, cheese knife sets and others are all created by hand in the small town of Scarperia, Tuscany
  • Unmistakable Italian style