The Knifemakers

Coltelleria Fontani

Coltelleria Fontani is the one of the newest knife making workshops in Scarperia, founded by 2 brilliant young and very talented artisans, Alessandro Fontani and Jacopo Gagnarli who follow in a centuries old family tradition of master knife makers. Alessandro and Jacopo embody the best of Italian artisanry, carrying on centuries of tradition and applying that experience with a youthful entrepreneurial spirit. At 32 years old, Alessandro is the youngest of the knife makers in Scarperia and is well known for his striking designs and for producing products using materials and workmanship of unmatched quality.

To hold any of the Fontani products in the hand is to see and feel a beauty that only Italian designers can create, and to witness a quality of workmanship and materials that is truly unique. Fontani products are works of art, meant to be used, that bring the beauty of Tuscany into a home and are reminiscent of the depth of character and quality typical of the Italian culture. Hard work and uncompromising commitment to quality are evident in every Fontani piece.

As Alessandro says, "a Fontani knife is culture and tradition and our products represent a symbiosis between love for tradition and contemporary design." Whether speaking of kitchen knives, historical knives or shaving razors, Fontani masterpieces bring that Italian elegance and tradition into any home.


Coltelleria Saladini


Coltelleria Saladini is a family owned artisan knife making company that dates back to the mid 18th century in the Tuscan town of Scarperia near Florence, Italy. Leonardo Saladini, the company's owner, follows in the footsteps of many generations of Master Knife Makers in the Saladini family. Leonardo studied for many years under the tutorship of his uncle Marcello Azzini. In1995 Leonardo launched his own personal collection and artisan workshop in collaboration with partner and designer Giacomo Cecchi. Like Leonardo, Giacomo is a certified Master Knife maker and designer who also studied with Marcello Azzini and the renowned master Renzo Berti. Leonardo and Giacomo oversee a team of artisans who produce their beautiful collections by hand. The Saladini team of artisans are also descendants of families who have made knives in Scarperia since the Middle Ages.

Leonardo, Giacomo and the Saladini team produce their unique creations using techniques that date back hundreds of years, but they have brilliantly incorporated modern materials and techniques when they serve to enhance the beauty and quality of their products. Saladini kitchen knives start with exceptional quality steel which is the forged, a rare process in today's mass-production world, and the knives are also tempered at extreme high and low temperatures to achieve outstanding performance, durability and the right amount of flexibility. Those familiar with Italian culture will appreciate the old world values, honesty and quality which are evident in Saladini's products. Saladini products are unmatched in their beauty and quality. Saladini products carry a lifetime guarantee, limited in instances of abuse or accidental damage. 


Tecnocut Viper

 Tecnocut was founded in 1987 by Giovanni Miniutti in the far north eastern corner of Italy in the province of Friuli Venezia Giulia. The company became famous as one of Italy's most prominent knife makers based on its development of unique and beautiful Damascus steel and blades of varying configurations. Among others, Tecnocut features the beautiful creations of Italian designer Fabrizio Silvestrelli whose influence can be seen in many of the company's gorgeous Gentleman's knives.

Tecnocut gentleman's knives are the most beautiful and sophisticated Italian knives available in Italy today: "Sophisticated" in their advanced mechanisms and workmanship and "Sophisticated" in their elegant appearance. From a technical point of view, Tecnocut knives are known for unrivaled blade quality and durability, safe innovative opening and closing mechanisms, and outstanding performance. 

These knives are works of art that radiate "Italian style" and exude a sense of quality and workmanship that is attainable only through painstaking artisan dedication. Tecnocut's use of deep rich woods, sculpted animal horn, and harmonious lines blending blade and housing (scales) make them "Italian" in every sense of the word, suitable as collectors items or as accessories to a fine wardrobe. Tecnocut knives are also frequent gifts for special occasions, graduations, weddings, birthday, fathers day, groomsmen gifts and more because they are of a quality and visual impact that they are suited to the most important and meaningful occasions.

Quality, workmanship and Italian style come with every Tecnocut knife. Tecnocut knives carry the Tecnocut Viper brand name and have a lifetime guarantee excluding accidental damage and misuse.